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Lori Guerzini

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My career history has such a long and winding path and I never thought I would end up here. User Experience wasn’t really a thing until the late nineties. Growing up I always had a passion for art and science, but I never thought about combining them for a career. Ummm wait…. that’s not entirely true. For a millisecond I wanted to become a medical illustrator. Until I realized that I would have to draw blood, guts, and body parts. Gross! But I digress…After getting my B.S. in marketing, I started working in retail as a Sales Manager. It was here that I found my passion for computers. I loved setting up creative displays of merchandise and then tracking their sales. On the flip side, I would use the computer data to strategize how to increase the sales of items that weren’t selling. After tiring of the retail life, I decided to go back to school for computer programming. Cue the parental groans & eye-rolling. 

Nothing makes me happier than using design to resolve business issues. Having a beautiful app or website doesn’t mean much if your customers can’t do what they came there to do.

“When I think of Lori I think creative and passionate designer. Lori is an extremely talented designer and great to work with. She has ingenious web skills with a keen eye for detail. Lori is always looking for new and innovative solutions that can advance her knowledge to exceed the client’s expectations. She is a great team player and fun person to work with. She is also passionate about her craft and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology. Lori would be a fantastic addition to any team.”

— Jay Pearson · Manager at Sage Paychoice

Cool things I’ve done

Volunteering for TechGirlz

Lori Guerzini and Techgirlz event photo

Stepping out of my comfort zone and teaching preteen girls about how to build a website.

Women in IT networking group at TMNAS

Lori Guerzini created women in IT logo

I created the logo for the Women in IT group at TMNAS.