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Coming to America

In 2016, Tokio Marine America (TMA) decided to conquer the North American insurance market.   This is the story of how I made a positive change to the company's online reputation.

To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have omitted and appropriated confidential information. These designs are a reinterpretation of the original.

My Role:

This project took place between June 2016 and September 2016.  I was part of a small team alongside a Project Manager (PM), Business Analyst (BA), QA tester, and an Intern.   I was responsible for the marketing strategy, UX design, branding and front‑end development.


The Problem:

Tokio Marine Management (TMM) was changing their branding strategy to increase the scope of their insurance business in North America.  That included changing their name from TMM to Tokio Marine America (TMA).

Tokio Marine America (TMA)  provides unique insurance and risk management tools from an experienced staff of account executives, underwriters and loss prevention engineers and fair and timely claim settlement from a skilled team of claim professionals.

The Challenge:

They wanted their digital presence to reflect their new name, and create brand awareness around their new product line.  At the same time they wanted to keep their current clients informed, while introducing themselves to potential new customers.

The Approach:

During the kickoff meeting, i was brought in at the last minute.   At that point, the Project Manager (PM) and Business Analyst (BA) Intern had been working for weeks on securing the budget and gathering business requirements.   The end date for the project was fixed and we had to work backwards from there.   After reviewing the first draft of requirements, I found gaping holes that would dramatically alter the user experience in a negative way.  For instance, they forgot to include the mobile experience.  We couldn't have that!  Other teams, such as QA, rejected the requirements and forced another iteration of the requirements.

I led the direction of the second version of the requirements.  The first thing i did was speak to the customer service reps to find out what customers contact them about the most.  I also gathered analytic data to find out what people were looking for and where they dropped off the site.

Meeting with key stakeholders helped us to understand their business challenges. Together we identified risks and aligned on expectations and constructed a shared vision for the site.

TMA doesn't have an in-house marketing department, so i used my marketing skills to generate potential leads from their home page.  I added a call to action on the home page and attempted to funnel potential customers to a conversion.  In hindsight that didn't work because TMA was not equipped to sign up potential customers online.

Journey maps and wireframes were created from all the information I gathered.  From there the BA and I worked together to refine the business requirements.


Their SEO metrics increased by 20%.

Final Product:

Tokio Marine America launched their new site on September 26, 2016 with their new name and product lines.


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